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Watch Floor Routines (Windows Media)


Watch Floor Skills (Windows Media)

  Floor Routine: First routine Switch leap sissone, Ro back 1 1/2-punch front,  Fhs Front lay front pike, Ro backhandspring Full
Second routine  Switch leap- switch side, Fhs Front full-Front pike, Fhs Front lay front pike, Ro backhandspring Full
Third routine Switch ring- sissone, Fhs Front full-Front pike, Cat leap full, Double full turn-Wolf jump full, Ro back 1 1/2,  Fhs Front lay front pike
  Floor Skills: Front lay front Rudi, Ro 1 1/2 Front full, Double full, Double back, Double Pike, Switch leap-switch side-popa, Triple turn, Fhs Front 1 1/2

Watch Vault (Windows Media)

Vault Routine: Yurchenko Pike, Yurchenko Layout, Yurchenko Full Drill

Watch Beam Routine (Windows Media)


Watch Beam Skills (Windows Media)

  Beam Routine:Switch leap split jump, Back Handspring-Back Handspring, Ro Full Twist Dismount   Beam Skills:Bhs-Back Layout, Side Aeriel, Side Straddle jump, Split jump 3/4-Straddle jump, Switch leap-Split 3/4- Straddle, Front Aeriel

Watch Bar Routines (Windows Media)


Watch Bar Skills (Windows Media)

  Bar Routine: Baile, Toe shoot to high bar, Giant, Giant, Layout Half flyaway   Bar Skills: Baile to Handstand, Double back dismount


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